Quarry Application Status

Quarry Application Status

July 2014: The quarry application will be going to the Ontario Municipal Board and the City is in the process of sending the Official Plan and Re-Zoning application to the Planning Committee.

The MNR received approximately 125 letters of opposition, a significant number, by the time the formal public comment period on the application ended in July 2009. Giofam responded to the comments it received and received re-objection letters.  As a result, MNR will be referring the Aggregate Resources Act application to the OMB.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources issued an exemption to the Endangered Species Act in January, 2013.  Study of species at risk, at the site, began in the spring of 2010 and the resulting Natural Environment Report is available here. A copy of the Endangered Species Act Permit can be found here.

What Can You Do To Help?

Become a member of DWDL. We need a large supportive membership in order to make our voices heard.

If you are a permanent or seasonal resident of the area, this quarry will affect you. If you don’t live here, but care about preserving habitat for threatened wildlife in Ontario and the integrity of our provincial parks you can help by becoming a member.

We will keep you informed of the issues and developments related to the quarry application.

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