OMB Pre-Hearing Scheduled

If you objected to Giofam’s application for an Aggregate Licence, you will have received a letter from Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario (the “Notice”) regarding an OMB pre-hearing conference to be held on March 5, 2015 for the Giofam quarry application.

DWDL plans on holding an information session regarding the OMB hearings at the Dalton Community Centre on Saturday February 28, 2015 from noon to 2pm. At this meeting we will discuss DWDL’s plans to request status as a Party to the proceedings, the nature of the OMB process, and the options that interested persons have with respect to the OMB hearings. We will have DWDL’s Planning Consultant, Janet Amos, in attendance.

What can you do?

Persons in receipt of the Notice are entitled to request status in the proceedings at the pre-hearing on March 5, 2015 (Victoria Room, City Hall, 26 Francis Street, Lindsay at 10am). At the pre-hearing, they will likely be given an opportunity to indicate they would like to be a Party to the proceedings or request Participant status. People can also attend as members of the public to observe the proceedings.

Be a Party to the proceedings

This means you will actively participate in the hearings with all the rights of a litigant. For instance, DWDL will be a party to the proceedings and will have legal representation, participate in the preparation of the list of issues, present evidence and cross-examine witnesses, and present opening and closing arguments.

Be a Participant at the hearings

Participants at the hearings are entitled to prepare a written Participant Statement outlining their issues. This statement may be also be presented orally to the Tribunal. Participants may not present expert opinions or call evidence from any witnesses.

DWDL is unable to argue all of the many issues associated with this quarry application. If you feel strongly about a particular issue, we encourage you to present your objections at the hearings as a Participant.

If you are unable to attend the pre-hearing on March 5th but wish to be granted Participant status, someone else may submit a written request on your behalf. This request needs to include your full name and contact information and contain an original signature.

Be a Participant and DWDL supporter

It would obviously be beneficial to work together in making our case to deny Giofam a licence. While people have many diverse concerns associated with this quarry application, DWDL won’t be able to present evidence relating to all of the issues due to constraints such as cost. However, DWDL can present a list of persons requesting participant status and these people can indicate that they support DWDL.

Be present at the pre-hearing

If persons do not want to participate in the process directly, a show of support by attending the pre-hearing and subsequent hearings would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Make a donation to Dalton Wildlands Defence League

DWDL can use your financial support. We believe we have an excellent case to be made before the OMB. If you are able to make a donation, please do. We appreciate the donations we’ve received so far. Donations to Dalton Wildlands Defence League can be sent to: Dalton Wildlands Defence League, c/o Rob Whittall, 17 Austin Crescent, Toronto, On M5R 3E4.

Thank you for your interest in this issue. DWDL plans on holding regular information meetings as we go through the OMB hearings process.

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