Proposed Quarry Update

On May 18, 2012, the Ministry of Natural Resources (“MNR”) published an Information Notice relating to an application by Giofam Investments Inc. (“Giofam”) for an exemption under the Endangered Species Act. Comments are due by June 22, 2012 and are to be sent by email to quoting ER number 011-6239 in the subject line. According to the Natural Environment Report (“NER”) dated April, 2011, four threatened species can be found on Giofam’s proposed quarry site including Blanding’s Turtles and Whip-poor-wills. An earlier NER dated April 15, 2008 relating to the quarry application did not mention the presence of any threatened or endangered species.


As a result of the April, 2011 NER findings, the Site Plan for the proposed quarry was significantly altered since it was determined that in addition to the wetlands, a significant portion of the granite is habitat of threatened species.  Giofam is now applying for an exemption under the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”) and an “overall benefit permit” per Section 17 (2) (c) of the ESA.  The application is posted on the Environmental Registry (


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