OMB Hearing Postponed

The OMB has deferred the hearing on the proposed Giofam quarry until November 2016 or January 2017. The reason is that the OMB wanted to cut back the hearing that was to begin January 19, 2015 to 4 weeks from 5 weeks. Giofam would not agree to it as they felt 4 weeks is not enough time. The parties are now talking about a six week hearing.

We thought we could win this in 5 weeks and are disappointed with the delay.

Clearly Giofam is concerned about the case we’ve been putting together in opposition to the proposed quarry. They’ll use 2016 to respond to our concerns and we’ll use the time to bolster our opposition and raise more funds to continue our effective opposition.

Witness Statements by experts from all Parties have been prepared and exchanged. If you are interested in seeing any of them, let me know and I’d be glad to send them to you. I’ll also try and get them up on the website in January. We also plan on putting up a new, more functional website in January.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a Happy Christmas and Holiday.

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